In Barcelona 750 thousand of activists demand the release of former Catalan officials

In Barcelona about 750 thousand people came out to protest, demanding the release of former regional officials who were arrested after the cancellation of the Declaration of independence of Catalonia. About it reports AFP referring to local police.

#BREAKING 750,000 in Catalonia protestors urge release of jailed separatists say police— AFP news agency (@AFP) November 11, 2017

According to the publication, the protest began after was released the ex-speaker of the Parliament of Catalonia Carme Forcadell after posting bail of 150 thousand euros.

The protesters gathered near the Parliament building with the slogan “save democracy”. It is also known that the leaders of the rally were two public organizations (Omnium Cultural and the “Catalan national Assembly”), whose leaders were also detained.

Note that the national appellate court of Spain has decided to leave under guards, eight former Catalan Ministers.

In turn, the former Minister of economy of the government of Catalonia Santi Vila was released after posting bail in the amount of 50 thousand euros.

As previously reported, on November 9, the Spanish Supreme court questioned former speaker of the Parliament of Catalonia and another five deputies.

Recall, 1 October, in Catalonia held a referendum on independence. According to the results, voted for independence 90,18% with a turnout of 43%. The Spanish government has not recognized de facto Declaration of independence of Catalonia, demanding from the authorities of the autonomy to formulate a clear position regarding the independence of the region.

On 27 October, the Parliament of Catalonia voted for independence from Spain.

After that, the Senate of Spain has enacted article 155 of the Constitution, suspending self-government in Catalonia. The Catalan Parliament dissolved and announced new elections.

On 8 November, Spain’s constitutional court recognized the resolution on the independence of Catalonia is invalid.