How to buy a ticket to the concert and avoid becoming a victim of fraud?

Cultural life of Kiev boils and boils annually from September to may. In the capital held cash show, regularly come top international artists, workshops and theatrical performances. Generally, event tickets are not cheap, but despite this, the show is increasingly collecting notices. On the one hand, this trend looks very attractive concert market finally came out of the stagnation that was the last few years, and is actively developing. On the other — in situation there is a downside: the number of counterfeit tickets sold on the concerts of international stars, a fundraiser, has increased dramatically, and every second large-scale concert, accompanied by the scandal associated with the inability of the audience to get inside. The major ticket operators are increasingly faced with requests from buyers to explain why they were refused entrance to an event. How to protect yourself in such a situation?

Buy tickets online or at the point of sale the official ticket operators. It is a mistake to think that the electronic card is less reliable than paper, on the contrary — by making a purchase on the website, you get a ticket with a unique barcode, which no one sees except you. This ticket comes to the e-mail, which the user indicates making a transaction. The fact that he is not named and don’t be confused — it is the bar code of the main identifier. If you prefer paper tickets, avoid fakes buy them only in official points of sale, their addresses, on the website of the ticketing operator.

Do not post pictures of tickets on social networks is the most common mistake that users. Photographing the ticket and making the bar code visible to all ticket holders hereby give the “green light” scams. Fraudsters can copy the bar code to alter this card in any graphics program and sell an unlimited number of times. In this case, the chance to go on a photographed ticket to the event are greatly reduced.

Beware of scams and do not purchase tickets for unfamiliar resources. Often, in order to make money, the fraudsters go to quite a creative imagination — for example, create a fake web site dedicated to the tour of the artist. Except the button “buy ticket” on such a resource might be music, photos, news and other information, and he can be done quite efficiently. Likely visual ticket, which will come to the buyer in the mail after making a purchase, will not differ from those that are sold by the official ticket operator, except for one important detail — all the barcodes of the tickets will be fake, and therefore into the hall this ticket will not get.

Never buy tickets or at the door. Often their cost is below the official, which should force the buyer to think about their authenticity, especially if the concert box office and selling tickets for it already closed. Very often the scammers make a copy with the original issue and sell its unlimited edition. To get to the gym in this case, only the first person who will scan the bar code of the ticket at the entrance (whether it be copy or original), and often makes himself a fraud.

In case any suspicions of fraud, contact your ticket seller. If the buyer found out that the barcode of his ticket was compromised and the purchase made from the official ticket operator, he must necessarily refer to the ticket seller and take advantage of the regeneration of the barcode for a new one. After the procedure the buyer will receive a new ticket with a new legitimate bar code.

Don’t panic if the bar-code ticket read by the scanner at the entrance. In this case, you must contact the conflict center ticket Agency that carries out the start-up of the audience to the event. Typically, these centers are located near the entrance. I can’t speak for all ticket operators, but at events, selling tickets and launch control which does such centers are always available.