Development strategy of the Ministry of interior-2020 will be presented on 15 November.

Development strategy of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine till 2020 will be submitted to the government meeting scheduled for November 15. This was stated by interior Minister Arsen Avakov, reports the press service of the Ministry.

Avakov said that the strategy consists of large blocks, which lasted about six months with the active involvement of the public and foreign partners.

“Police reform is not over, it continues. I believe we have gone the way of reforming the police by 25-30%. Patrol police is only part of the necessary changes. There is a criminal police, police of public security, serious development needs to karpasa other divisions of the FSL. It is a separate unit. In it there is the civil safety service of the emergency situations and other”, – said Arsen Avakov, adding that the fire safety system in Ukraine is extremely in need of updating.

Separately Avakov said that the reform process requires a lot of effort and time. “We have a lot to do. And it will not happen by magic. It’s hard work, during which you have to fall,” he said.

The Minister also added that Ukrainian society was sympathetic to the reform of the interior Ministry, which confirms a high level of trust in internal Affairs bodies registered by the latest sociological research.

We will note, earlier the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that for two years the National police, the level of public confidence in the police has increased from 3-5% to 50%.