Blokhin has called up some players not to play for the national team of Ukraine

Ex-coach of Ukraine Oleg Blokhin has commented upon the problem with the forwards in the national team.

“I do not see good strikers in Ukraine. Where can you find them? When I was a coach, thought the same Khlyobas start to show itself, and it is time-again – and lost. And young strikers there.

If the players say that’s no real problem that came out at the world Cup, let’s just not come to the national team. It is clear that they get money in the clubs, it is clear that they have contracts.

But it is better to have the courage to say frankly that I do not want to play for the national team. Give up a call, it will be fair,” Blokhin said in an interview with Profootball.

Earlier it was reported that Shevchenko will lower salaries in the national team.