In Kiev, the bus collided with the SUV: five injured

In Kiev Obolon bus collided with an SUV, injuring five people, they provide health care. It is reported by the Department of communication of the police of Kiev.

According to preliminary data, the driver of the minibus broke the traffic rules, resulting in the collision with the SUV.

Around 07:00 the police received a message that the Powerful St. the accident occurred, as a result of which the minibus turned over. On a scene there arrived the patrol and investigators.

Previously it is established that the driver of the bus, moving in the direction of Heroes of the Dnieper, broke the rules of the road, made a u-turn at an undisclosed location, causing the Volvo XC90 hit the van in the right direction. As a result, the bus overturned on its left side.

Five passengers minibus got injuries (pre – minor), was hospitalized.


36-the summer driver of a foreign car and 48-the summer driver of a minibus has not suffered. The issue of opening of criminal proceedings, which will establish the circumstances and mechanism of the accident.

Earlier it was reported that a fatal accident in Kiev on 4 November killed a Colonel and former assistant to the rector of the National Academy of security Service of Ukraine Valery Kornienko and his wife. They were hit by a taxi on the street Heroes of Dnepr.