Check capital minibuses: found the first violation

For two days the Department of transport infrastructure of Kyiv city administration checked the taxis that travel on 11 routes. This reports the press service of the KSCA.

In the bus on route 201 specification is not consistent with the stated in the contest, and route No. 459 the number of cars did not conform to the contract.

“Such violations are grounds for the termination of contracts with these carriers. During the RAID caught an illegal carrier on route No. 501, which by order of the Department is already closed. The result was fined on the driver”, – stated in the message.

Unscheduled inspections will last two weeks.

4 Nov and the street Heroes of Dnepr there was a road accident near the bus stop, the bus hit two people. Killed a Colonel and former assistant to the rector of the National Academy of security Service of Ukraine Valery Kornienko and his wife.

The police opened criminal proceedings.

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