American during pregnancy lost arms, legs and child

MOSCOW, February 7 — RIA Novosti. In the US a woman lost a child, and both arms and legs after she contracted sepsis due to complications during pregnancy, writes Daily Mail.

As reported in March 2017 31-year Kayla Ferguson-Walker was in her sixth month of pregnancy. However, the woman was in the intensive care unit with impaired renal function, difficulty breathing and low blood pressure due to illness that first took over the flu. The doctors diagnosed Kayley sepsis, which resulted in a miscarriage even on arrival at the hospital. After two weeks of coma, the woman had a gangrene of the limbs, and the only way to save Kayla was amputation.

The cause of sepsis found in rare insolvency of the cervix. The pressure of the fetus can lead to premature opening of the cervix, and increased risk of infection.

It is noted that soon Kayla pick up the dentures, and now she’s adjusting to her new life and this helped her husband and three year old daughter.

Mother loses her unborn child, arms and legs from sepsis Kayleigh Ferguson-Walker, 31, from Florida contr…
— Healthy News Daily (@eHealthyDaily) 6 Nov 2017