That awkward moment

The APEC summit opened in the Vietnamese da Nang on Friday, November 10, on the first day of its work has forced the Russian delegation to regret the long journey that had to be overcome. This trip wouldn’t be in the chart of Vladimir Putin, if the US President himself expressed the desire to hold the meeting. But Donald trump, known for his inconsistency, and here remained true to himself from plans he refused at the last moment. You should have left the APEC summit an awkward spot on the geopolitical map, if not a single document in a few paragraphs. How difficult was the path to a simple handshake, he was convinced the correspondent “”.

Vladimir Putin hesitated before traveling to Vietnam. The only compelling reason for participation of the Russian leader was meeting with the President of the United States. And if Donald trump himself has announced the forthcoming negotiations with the Russian colleague, it is likely, in the Vietnamese resort would go the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. He has already replaced the President at the summit and, in addition, soon he will travel to East Asia.

But trump said, verbatim: “Putin” and outlined common themes: the situation in North Korea, Syria and Ukraine. The Kremlin said in a tone Recalling that they are willing to cooperate and even almost confirmed that the upcoming full meeting. And then things got weird.

After spending ten hours in the plane on the way to da Nang, the Russian President arrived in time. The way trump was much shorter, he came from China, where he completed a large Asian tour. But by the beginning of the summit late, and then completely ignored all the working sessions of the first day.

On the sidelines nervous. Journalists tortured by the questions and the press Secretary of the President (Dmitry Peskov admitted that from American colleagues received conflicting information) and foreign Minister (Sergei Lavrov switched from diplomatic to spoken and called the representatives of the administration trump bureaucrats). This is awkward for Moscow, and frankly ugly from Washington the situation has not been resolved.

Putin and trump was found only at the ceremony of photographing, where all the leaders stood in the same sitting is not the size, national shirts. At previous summits, the Russian and American presidents are bred on different sides of the family photo. They stood side by side, and it was certainly a credit to the service Protocol. They finally shook hands, and the situation was becoming ridiculous, it was corrected.

The turning point happened the next day. Putin and trump finally talked and signed a joint statement on Syria. The mood in the Russian delegation has changed, even the movement became more energetic. In front of reporters, Putin appeared in a buoyant mood. He briskly entered the dining room of the hotel “Intercontinental”, which on occasion turned into a press center, and without preamble began to answer the questions. Chief of which was, of course, about trump.

Nothing special has happened, said Putin, just the teams of the presidents failed to deal with “certain formalities of Protocol.” “Nothing bad happened. We talked during the summit. We agreed a joint statement on fighting in Syria,” said Putin.

In this document, are promptly published on the Kremlin website, the two leaders “reaffirmed their determination” to defeat the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization), expressed satisfaction with efforts to prevent dangerous incidents between American and Russian military in Syria and agreed to keep military channels of communication. All together will help to finally defeat the terrorists. “The struggle will continue!” resolutely said.

But despite that agreement, which the Kremlin has called the result of successful operation, the Russian President is still routinely criticized the US for double standards. “They have there freedom of speech was raised on the shield as a beacon of democracy”, — with irony he noted. And then blamed that the TV channel Russia Today pressed and forced to become noagenda. How, then, is your vaunted freedom of speech, as if surprised the President.

He also scolded and habitual anti-Russian rhetoric in the United States. Recently, for example, Politico reported that American investigators were able to establish the name of the woman posing as the niece of the Russian President and tried to help the politicians of the USA during the election campaign. Casual mention about these reports, Putin concluded: “what Nonsense.” “On the links of some of my “relatives” with representatives of the administration I learned only yesterday from Mr Peskov. Don’t know anything about it. Absolutely nothing at all!” — he snapped.

Expressing thus the confusion about what is happening in American politics, personally, about the US President Putin spoke with respect: well-mannered, friendly and comfortable person. Only communication is not enough, bluntly told Putin, enough to bring a little bit of Russian-American relations out of the crisis.

Tatyana Melikyan, Da Nang