RT register as a foreign agent in the United States

The channel plans to appeal the registration requirement through the courts

Chief editor of the Russian state TV channel RT Margarita Simonyan said that the channel will yield to the US demand that you register as a foreign agent, but plans to appeal it in court.

As stated in the RT, the Ministry of justice demanded from the channel to register by Monday.

“The U.S. justice Department we had no choice of lawyers saying that if we don’t register as inherent, the head of the company in America could be arrested can be arrested on account of the company. Between such consequences and registration as noagent we have to choose the check, although, of course, we strongly disagree with this requirement,” said Simonyan on the Russian website RT.

“We believe this requirement is not just contrary to the law, and we intend to prove it in court, she added.

RT began broadcasting in 2005 under the brand of Russia Today. The stated purpose of the channel – the flow is the Russian perspective on world events and coverage of events which ignores Western media.

In the West, the channel has been repeatedly criticized as a tool of propaganda and dissemination of conspiracy theories.