Putin noted the achievements of the Jewish Museum in educating young people and saving truth about the war

Moscow. 10 Nov. INTERFAX – Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the Jewish Museum and tolerance center in Moscow with the fifth anniversary.

“This anniversary meets the Museum as a major educational, scientific centre, well known far beyond the borders of our country. Its exposition is unique in many ways. In a modern interactive format, it tells about the life and spiritual traditions of the Russian Jews, their significant contribution to the history of Russia, its economy, science, culture, literature, and social thought”, – reads the statement of the head of state, published on Friday on the presidential website.

Vladimir Putin called an important fact that many events are reflected in the Museum in the memories of ordinary people, their diaries and letters, photographs from the family archives.

“This approach gives us a better feel the atmosphere and the mood of the era, to cultivate in young people a respect for the heritage of our ancestors, commitment to the values of tolerance and humanism, freedom and tolerance”, – said the President.

The key task of the Museum he calls “the saving truth about the great Patriotic war, about the people who bravely fought against Nazism, the tragedy of the Holocaust.”

The head of state wished the staff of the Museum’s success in “serious and popular work,” in the implementation of new interesting projects and creative initiatives.