Near Kiev man three days hiding in the woods for Turkey

Police Kiev region found the missing man, who three days lived in the woods. This reports the press service of the police on his page in Facebook.

It is reported that 56-year-old resident of the village Andreevka were looking for dog handlers with dogs. On the third day they found him in the forest, 4 kilometers from the house where he made a tent and hid it from the neighbors.

According to information before between a man and a neighbor had a conflict because of the Turkey of the missing men peck neighbor’s rooster. According to 56-year-old man, he went into the forest fearing the vengeance of the neighbor.

Police returned the man home unharmed.

Recall, September 25 in Kiev there was a conflict between the two neighbors in the course of which one of them pounced on his opponent with nognicami. On 18 September in Rivne region in the village Hrabun ‘ rural disassembly led to the shooting.