Assistant trump told the campaign headquarters about “startling information” received in Moscow

Testifying before Congress, Carter Paige said that it is not meant personal meetings with Russian officials

Carter page, who was foreign policy adviser in the campaign headquarters of President trump, told colleagues on the staff received some valuable information from the Russian MPs and “senior members” of the administration of Russian President Vladimir Putin, when he came to Moscow in the midst of the election campaign.

In July 2016 Paige sent assistants trump an email in which he said that the Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich “expressed strong support for Mr. Trump and the desire to work together on finding more effective solutions to a wide range of current international problems.” This is evidenced by the transcript of six hours of performances of Paige in the Committee of the house of representatives, who is investigating Russian intervention in the American elections.

As explained Paige, when asked about this email, it does not mean that he had met with officials in person, but learned of their views from the local media, from scientists in Russia, and also from the speech of Dvorkovich at the conference, where he gave himself and Paige. According to page, he “briefly greeted” Dvorkovich.

Contacts page with Russian officials came in sight of the investigations of Congress on campaign, which, according to the findings of us intelligence, led Russia according to Putin’s order with the purpose to undermine American democracy and help Trump to win the election.

In addition, spectracolor Robert Mueller leads a criminal investigation of the Russian intervention in elections and the possible obstruction of justice on the part of trump’s dismissal of the former Director of the FBI James Comey, who headed the investigation of the Russian case to Mueller, appointed despite the objections of trump.

Another former adviser to trump international Affairs, George Papadopoulos, last month pleaded guilty to making false statements about his contacts with Russian interests and members of the electoral headquarters of the trump. Currently, Papadopoulos is cooperating with the investigation.

A leading Democrat in the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives Adam Schiff said that the testimony of Paige in Congress questioned previously made a public statement that he went to Moscow as a private person.

“It sends out the message that in private talks with Deputy Prime Minister and other members of the presidential administration and the Duma have received important information and words of support that I wanted to share with members of the campaign staff. This is at odds with what he said in their public statements,” said Schiff.

According to the legislator-Democrat, when Papadopoulos and page with Russia represent two parallel attempts at electoral headquarters of the trump to establish contacts with Russian interests.

“They both report to campaign headquarters and campaign headquarters introduces misled the public about their awareness about it, he said. – This can hardly be considered a coincidence.”

On Tuesday, the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives holds the private questioning of Keith Schiller, until September of this year held the post of head of the organization of work in the Oval office.

Among the questions lawmakers to Schiller – the question of what he knows about trump’s visit to Moscow in 2013 and 35-page dossier, in which a former officer of British intelligence told about the behavior of trump at the visit of the competition “Miss universe”. Trump himself said about these matters in a dismissive tone.

Work on the dossier was funded by the rival trump in the election, Democrat Hillary Clinton, and the National Committee of the Democratic party.