Trump has called for the international isolation of North Korea

Speaking in Parliament, South Korea, the US President warned Pyongyang that the weapons he develops, will not strengthen its security

SEOUL is Saying that the world cannot accept “the regime is outcast,” which threatens “nuclear Holocaust”, the President of the United States Donald trump Wednesday called on all countries to strengthen economic and diplomatic pressure on the government of Kim Jong-UN and demand that it renounce nuclear weapons.

“All responsible States to join efforts to isolate the brutal regime of North Korea, to deny him the support, supply and reception,” said trump in an official address to the National Assembly of South Korea, which contained several warnings to the government of Kim Jong-UN.

“I hope I speak not only on behalf of our countries but on behalf of all civilized States, when you talk to North: don’t underestimate us and don’t test us,’ he said, speaking before the South Korean Parliament. We will not allow American cities threatened with destruction. We will not be intimidated”.

“The world cannot tolerate a threat to the regime is outcast, who threatens him with nuclear annihilation,” added trump.

Condemning North Korean leader for his brutal regime and the nuclear threat, trump recalled the ancient Alliance of the US and South Korea, which included the victim incurred during the civil war on the Korean Peninsula in the early 1950-ies.

Referring directly to Kim Jong Ynu, trump said: “the Weapons with which you are trying to acquire will not increase your security, and will pose a serious threat to your regime. With every step on this gloomy way, the threat you face enhanced”.

Likening the Korean war to today’s nuclear challenges, trump said: “We will not allow the worst crimes in the history was repeated here, on this earth, for the security which we fought and died”.

Trump’s statement on North Korea was one of the highlights of the Asian tour of the American leader, during which, in addition to South Korea, he visited or will visit Japan, China, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Speech in the South Korean Parliament occurred after the attempt by trump to make an unannounced visit to the fortified border between North and South Korea earlier on Wednesday, which was abandoned due to fog that prevented the landing of his helicopter, officials said.

Trump plans to fly to China, where, according to US officials, he will seek from averse to the President of China, XI Jinping, to make it even more “tighten the screws” against Pyongyang.

Before the advent of the National Assembly of South Korea, trump tweeted that “ready to make an important speech”, after which it will head to China, where looks forward to meeting with XI Jinping, “who had just won a great political victory”.

The President was referring to the recent Congress of the Communist party of China, confirmed the authority of XI Jinping.

Between speech in the Parliament, and the flight to China the President and first lady Melania trump took part in the ceremony of laying wreaths at the National cemetery in Seoul.

On Tuesday, the first day on the Korean Peninsula, trump signaled that he is ready for dialogue with the DPRK, urging Pyongyang to “sit at the negotiating table and conclude an agreement”. He also noted “significant progress” in the interaction with Pyongyang, but did not say whether he wants to conduct direct diplomatic negotiations.

“It would be very wise if North Korea sat at the negotiating table and signed an agreement, which would be a boon for the people of North Korea and the world, – said trump at a joint press conference with South Korean President mun Jae Otherwise. – I see some movement.”

He also took an optimistic tone, commenting on disagreements with the DPRK, saying confidently, though vague, that “in the end, everything will work out”.