The ECHR ordered Russia to pay €7000 injured in the terrorist attack in Domodedovo

MOSCOW, Nov 8 — RIA Novosti. The European court of human rights (ECHR) has awarded 7 million euros to the victim of the terrorist attack at Domodedovo airport, told RIA Novosti the representative Igor Trunov.

“The ECHR found a violation of article 2 of the Convention “the Right to life and state obligations to conduct effective investigations.” The court awarded the victim compensation for moral damages in the amount of 5 thousand euros and 2 thousand — the reimbursement of legal costs,” — said Trunov.

The victim during the attack were injured and a concussion and eventually was left disabled 2 groups.

The essence of the violations identified by the court, the inadequacy of security measures at the Domodedovo airport at the appropriate time, which directly contributed to the explosion, the lawyer added.

“A terrorist could come into the airport with the explosive device due to inadequate security measures installed at the airport without the help of an effective criminal investigation, the victim did not prove civil liability of the defendants. The authorities knew or should have known about the preparation of explosion.”, — said Trunov.

The explosion in the arrival hall of the international terminal of Domodedovo airport occurred on 24 January 2011 killed 37 people, including foreigners, and another 172 were injured. An explosive device Packed with metal shrapnel, detonated by a suicide bomber who was in crowd meeting.