Shooting in Texas Church: 26 people died

The gunman also is dead, his motives still unknown

An armed man opened fire at a Church in San Antonio, Texas, on Sunday morning, which resulted in the 26 parishioners were killed and at least 20 were injured.

The victims of another mass murder was from 5 to 72 years.

The gunman also is dead, and while there’s no guesswork, shed light on his motives. He was later identified as Devin Patrick Kelly, a former soldier of 26 years.

Investigators from the FBI and of the Department for control over trafficking of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, firearms and explosives arrived in the tiny village of Sutherland springs, about 50 miles from San Antonio.

President Donald trump called the shooting an “act of evil” and called for prayers. He was ordered to lower flags on Federal buildings until Thursday. The President monitors the situation of Japan, which was the first stop on his Asian tour for five countries.

“We can’t put into words the pain and sorrow that we all feel, and we can’t imagine the suffering of the people who lost those they loved so dearly. Our hearts are broken,” he said.

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott has called the shooting in Sutherland springs the largest mass murder in the history of Texas. According to him, will be together, “many parts of a complex picture.”

Officer public safety Texas Freeman Martin reported that an armed man is described as a young white male dressed in black clothing and a bulletproof vest, opened fire with assault rifles outside the First Baptist Church and continued shooting, inside.

Martin reported that a local resident, who had his rifle, tried to resist the arrow, which then threw their weapons and fled in his car. Citizens rushed in pursuit of the shooter, and soon they were joined by the police. Martin said that the suspect crashed the car just over the border district and was discovered in her dead with a gunshot wound. It is unclear if he had killed himself or was shot by a local resident with a rifle.

The Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackitt says police found multiple weapons in the suspect’s car.

The representative of the United States air force Ann Stefanek said the “Voice of America” on Sunday evening, Devin P. Kelly previously served in the air force.

“Available data confirm that Devin P. Kelly was previously a member of the U.S. air force who served in ensuring the combat readiness of the rear at the air base Holloman, new Mexico, since 2010 and before dismissal in 2014. In 2012, Kelly was convicted by a military court to two counts of article 128 of the Uniform code of military justice – the threat of use of violence against his wife and child. He was dismissed for misconduct, deprived of his liberty for 12 months and demoted in rank”.

Two victims were killed near the Church. Others were shot dead inside.

Although the victims ‘ names were not disclosed publicly, pastor of the First Baptist Church Frank Pomeroy told the American media that among the victims – his 14-year-old daughter, Annabelle Renee Pomeroy.

The pastor at the time of the shooting was in Oklahoma. He told ABC News that he returned to Sutherland springs.

According to him, those killed on Sunday were his close friends. Pomeroy also said that he wants the world to know that his daughter “was very beautiful, special child.”

The FBI office in San Antonio said that his agents were investigating, but so far there is no indication the motives of the shooter. The FBI also noted that although reported only one arrow, it is exploring other options.

Shooting in Texas occurred a few weeks after the mass murder in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 1. Then Stephen Paddock opened fire on the audience of the concert of country music, killing 58 and injuring about 500 people. Paddock shot from my hotel room on the 32nd floor and killed himself when approached by the police. Investigators in Las Vegas are still trying to confirm the motive.