Factory Arsenal opened the time capsule

In Kiev Arsenal plant revealed an iron capsule, which was founded half a century ago, the company employees on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the revolution. This publication reports the Status.

The capsule was opened in connection with the centennial anniversary of the October revolution, according to the will.

She was immured in one of the walls of the plant under a special label and was a welded iron box.

During the retrieval of the content I had to cut the capsule, which was another. There was a letter-a message signed “the appeal of the participants of the Council of the winners of socialist competition of the Kiev Arsenal plant to arsenaltsev 2017“.

“To you, the people living in communism, treated the winners of socialist competition, the 50th anniversary of the Great October revolution. In these wonderful days of the anniversary of the Soviet state – all of our dreams towards the future, to you – to our descendants. We work, learn, and do to our native Land forever triumphed over communism. As bequeathed to us by Lenin… the Light of the Great October revolution, highlighted our planet, has penetrated into every house, gave a happy and joyful life for millions of Soviet people“, reads the message.

We will remind, on 9 September in Prague during the reconstruction of the old town hall was discovered a time capsule embedded in the Communist era.