New allegations against Spacey emerges

New allegations of sexual harassment and predatory behaviour towards men and women by Kevin Spacey have emerged.

The complaint, which spans from the mid-1980s to the year 2016, raise new questions about the US actor’s conduct in the decades he worked in Hollywood and as an artistic director at London’s Old Vic theatre.

The BBC has been in contact with Mr. Spacey for the comment.

On Wednesday, the journalist whose October tweet triggered a series of accusations against Mr. Spacey spoke.

End of the post to Twitter by @HeatherUnruh

The former news anchor of tv’s Heather Unruh said at a press conference in the city of Boston, that his son had been sexually assaulted by Mr. Spacey, at the age of 18 years in a bar in Nantucket, Massachusetts, in July of 2016.

She said: Mr. Spacey had bought his son alcohol – the legal age for drinking in Massachusetts is 21 years old. After getting him drunk, Mr. Spacey had “put his hand inside my son’s pants and grabbed his genitals,” he said.

She said: Mr. Spacey had invited his son to a party, but he had escaped from the bar when Mr. Spacey had gone to the toilet.

A criminal investigation was under way, Mrs. Unruh said.

“What a shame, for what they did to my son. Their actions are criminal,” Mrs Unruh said through her tears.

From the first allegation of sexual advances were made by the actor Anthony Rapp on 30 October, the network of Netflix has reduced even more the production of Mr Spacey’s House of Cards drama, of the International Academy of Television, Arts and Sciences, announced that it will no longer give the actor a special Emmy award, and his agent and publicist dropped him as a client.

In response to Mr Rapp claims, Mr. Spacey said that he has no memory of the incident and offered an apology.

On November 3, police in the uk confirmed that they were investigating an alleged assault on a man in 2008.

Mr. Spacey said he was seeking treatment after facing the charges, but do not give information about the type.

Since then, more men have come forward.

Barman Kris Nixon, of Belfast, Northern Ireland, said that he had been working near the Old Vic in 2007, when Mr. Spacey groped at a party.

“Kevin Spacey sat down next to me on the couch, then walked over and grabbed my penis,” he said.

The actor had then proposed to perform a sex act on Mr. Nixon, according to the waiter, who then left the party.Kevin Spacey: How the story unfolded

Two weeks later, Mr. Nixon was in the basement of the bar he had been working on, when, he said, he realized Spacey was two feet (60 cm) behind him.

The actor grabbed the Lord Nixon of the waist, and offered to “do it”, he said.

“I didn’t want to make a scene about him – he was a customer. I didn’t want to be fired.

“Until Anthony Rapp spoke, I never felt able to tell anyone.”

Meanwhile, an American film-maker has told the BBC that he was groped and sexually harassed by Mr. Spacey as a 22 years of age, youth members of the crew.

The man, now 44 years old, who did not want to be identified, said that the “powerful” that the director had made advances towards him in the shooting of Albino Alligator in 1995.

“He was very affable and pleasant to all the world. We shook hands and he took an interest in me. He offered to see one of my student films, I was very flattered by,” he said.

But, he said, Mr. Spacey had quickly become “creepy” and one day he insisted on sitting in his director’s chair.

“He started massaging my neck and my shoulders, and I felt incredibly uncomfortable.”

The creator of the film, of California, said that he had been singled out as a target due to his youth and inexperience.

“In one of the last days of filming… he sat down next to me and put her thigh against me and put her hand on my thigh and moved it toward my inner thigh,” he said.

He told the BBC that he had decided to come forward after hearing the arguments by actor Anthony Rapp, but I felt nervous about revealing your identity because of the influential position Mr. Spacey continued to maintain in the industry.

At the time, Mr Spacey’s powerful position had made him feel in conflict about their meetings with the director, he said.

“I was getting the attention of the most powerful person on the set of the movie, and I wanted to work in Hollywood,” he said.

“But it was an interest that made me feel totally restless, uncomfortable, confusing. I didn’t know what to do, I felt trapped. I felt harassed, sexually harassed.”

The filmmaker said that he hoped that coming forward would encourage others.

“I hope that those people who come forward feel less alone if they are feeling alone and confused as I was when I was 22 years old.”

One woman told the BBC that she suffered from depression after an encounter with the Lord Spacey.

Kate Edwards, now a professor of arts in London, claims Mr. Spacey made advances towards her when she had been a production assistant on the Broadway show Long Day’s Journey Into Night in 1986.

Ms Edwards, who was 17 years old, said that she had been alone in a lift with the 27-year-old Mr. Spacey when he had invited her to a “James Dean’s birthday party” in his apartment.

Kate Edwards

When she had arrived, she said, there was no one else there.

Ms Edwards said that she had consensually kissed Mr. Spacey, but then he had begun to feel uncomfortable and asked him when the others did not arrive..

“I said that I wanted to go home and change. I felt pressured, and that is made very clear that his intention was to have sex with me.

“He became cold and said, ‘Find your own way.’

She was left “confused, completely isolated, ashamed and embarrassed.”

She said that the actor had “cut her dead” after the encounter, she had become depressed, had gained weight, and had finally been unable to continue working in the program.

Ms Edwards said his message to Mr Spacey today, it would be: “I would like you to know that what you did hurt me, that affected me for years after.

“What you did to me and what you did to other young people was unacceptable.”

Reporting by Georgina Rannard and Alice Hutton