Trump arrived in South Korea amid increasing tension with North Korea

The President of the United States called the missile and nuclear program of Pyongyang’s “threat to civilization, world peace and stability”

OSAN – President of the United States Donald trump arrived in South Korea in the framework of his tour of Asia, which are dominated by the weapons programmes of North Korea.

“We have excellent cooperation”, – said the President upon arrival.

He stressed the importance of upcoming talks with the South Korean leadership on issues of bilateral trade, noting that his goal is to create jobs.

“We hope to be able to start solving problems in order to create jobs in the United States, in what is one of the aims of my visit here,” said trump.

It is expected that during the two-day visit trump confirms the strong commitment of the US to defend its ally from Pyongyang amid tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

On the eve of the trump and the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe agreed that in discussing the issue of North Korea “all options are considered”.

Speaking at a joint press conference with trump at the Akasaka Palace in Tokyo, Abe stated that “the dialogue with North Korea for the sake of discussion” makes no sense, and it’s time to exert maximum pressure on Pyongyang.

Abe and trump who negotiated for two days, confirmed that North Korea was the dominant topic in their discussions.

The US President called the desire of Pyongyang to acquire ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead, “a threat to civilization, world peace and stability.”

Trump reiterated that the era of strategic patience when dealing with Pyongyang over.

“Some say that my rhetoric is too harsh, but look what happened as a result of weak rhetoric over the past 25 years,” the President said, criticizing the approach of previous us administrations.

However, he left the answer to the question of Japanese journalist on whether he is ready to fight with the DPRK.

State media in Pyongyang said on Monday, referring to trump that “nobody can predict when an old madman from the White house, distraught, start a nuclear war” against North Korea.

North Korea said the situation necessitates strengthening its nuclear deterrence forces, “the U.S. should not expect the DPRK any changes”.