The Police raided a teenager’s home and was charged with missing woman’s murder

The body of Allecha Boyd has not been found, but detectives homicide believe that the 27-year-old has been murdered. They have arrested and charged a 19-year-old Wagga man yesterday after they raided his home and seized a “loaded shortened shotgun”.

The teenager will appear in Wagga Wagga Local Court this morning. As well as the murder, he was charged with possess unauthorised prohibited firearm, possess ammunition without a licence, do not keep any prohibited firearm, safe, and of the violation of the security

Ms. Boyd has been seen for the last time in Coolamon, a township in the north-west of Wagga, in August. It was believed that she was a passenger in a green and silver Subaru Outback that has fallen to the Coolamon to 1.30 pm. The vehicle was seized by the police.

One of the last sightings of her was in a local supermarket. The investigators of the Strike Force of Amias released grainy CCTV images of her in an attempt to refresh the memory of someone.

They have also travelled in the bush in the region in search of his body. The Police said last night they would continue to look for Ms. Boyd’s body.

Allecha Suzette Boyd, aged 27, was last seen in a supermarket on Gurwood Street, Wagga Wagga in the early morning, the 10th of August. Photo: NSW Police

Allecha Boyd was last seen on 10 August.

Ms. Boyd, a cousin of Collingwood AFL star Hoskin-Elliott had not contacted his family, access his bank accounts or posted on social media since 10 August. His frantic family front, a police call for more information and posted the plea of messages per day on Facebook for more information.

Initially, his loved ones cling to the hope that she might still be alive — but as the weeks passed, they grew more fearful.

Ms. Boyd, aunt of Cheryl Hoskin said that his family had been informed of the arrest by the police yesterday evening.

His mother Leah Freeman posted on Facebook about the time of the raid on the teenager at home, she wanted her “princess” at home.

The Police of new york believe Allecha Boyd has been murdered.

“I’ve never felt so crazy, not to mention vengeful,” she wrote.

Sisters Rhiannon and Tammara Boyd said at a press conference they simply “wanted her safety”.

“Everything that is wrong, we can work it out, we can repair it. I promise you, we can make it work. Your nephews, mum, dad, all your brothers and sisters, we just want you to be safe,” Tammara Boyd said.

She asked anyone with information on her sister to go to the police.

“If someone knows something, and someone does, tell us, tell us,” she said.

“Tell us everything that may help us bring Allecha closer to the house and be safe.”

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