How much money migrants moved from Poland to Ukraine

The volume of remittances of labour migrants in Ukraine is quite significant. According to NBU, for the last 5 years Ukrainians have been transferred through banks and international payment systems of different countries about us $30 billion To this amount, you need to add more than $5 billion, which our countrymen gave their loved ones personally or through intermediaries.

“Ukrainian migrants are the lion’s share of the earned funds send to their relatives in Ukraine,” − said Magnus olby, marketing Director TransferGo.

Only in the last 10 months of the year from Poland to Ukraine through the service TransferGo received more than 82 million UAH.

According to NBU data, Poland is in the top 10 countries from which remittances to Ukraine. However, the volume of remittances to official channels small — up to 5% of the total flow. In 2016 from Poland, according to the NBU, we have invested nearly $100 million.

In the first place — Russia, followed by USA and Germany. The Agency specified that by the end of 2016 from Russia to Ukraine was listed about $1 billion.