Glad brought it to the national priorities creating a safe environment for growing children

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the law â„–3579 on amendments to some laws of Ukraine on strengthening the guarantees of the safety of children. Voted 249 people’s deputies.

Online broadcast of the meeting leads the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

The document envisages amendments to the law “On fundamentals of national security of Ukraine”.

The priorities of national interests of Ukraine carried “the creation of conditions for full-fledged life and development of the child, its security, prosperity and growth in a safe family environment.”

The list of threats to national security made the point “the growth of danger to life and health of civilians, especially children, as a result of military actions or armed conflicts”.

In the list of the main directions of the state policy on national security issues included: preventing violence against children and their involvement in the worst forms of child labour, involvement in a criminal activity; the prevention of social orphanhood and institutionalization of children, in particular through the development of social services for families with children, as well as system of services for early intervention to prevent failures of parents from newborn children with congenital defects; the provision of integrated interventions at national-Patriotic education of children and youth, encourage active citizenship and to involve them in public life.

In addition, the bill amends the law “On fundamentals of domestic and foreign policy”, under which the provision of the special care of the child and realization of his rights is defined as a principle of internal policy. Accordingly, expands the fundamental principles of domestic policy in the social and humanitarian spheres.

We will remind, in the first reading supported the bill in June of this year, 231 voice of the MPs.