The DPRK urged trump to refrain from “absurd chatter”

MOSCOW, 5 Dec — RIA Novosti. The President of the United States Donald Trump during a visit to South Korea should refrain from “absurd talk” in order not to provoke Pyongyang, says the Central North Korean newspaper “Rodong Sinmun”.

“Once again warn clique trump. If you want to avoid destruction, do not provoke ridiculous chatter”, the article says.

If Washington will not be with the intentions of the DPRK and will take aggressive steps to Pyongyang “nothing left but brutally and decisively punish” the United States, the newspaper said.

“Not difficult to guess what changes will bring and what is the meaning of the trip to South Korea, the Supreme commander of the United States, which intimidates, saying that change us by force, in a situation when South Korea and the region placed and ready to battle numerous strategic nuclear objects”, — says the publication.

Trump began on Sunday his Asian tour. In the morning he paid a visit to Japan where will take place the Japan-us summit. After Japan trump on November 6-7, will visit South Korea, where he will meet with President moon Jae Otherwise. On Wednesday the US President will travel to China, November 10 — Vietnam, where he will participate in the APEC forum. Will complete its tour, the American leader from 12 to 14 November in the Philippines.
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