iPhone users fume over the letter ‘i’ bug

Some iPhone users have been left frustrated after an update of the iOS operating system began inexplicably self-correct the letter “i” and a capital “a” and a question mark.

The affected version of iOS, 11.1, is available on iphone and ipad.

“I have a $1,150 [£877] phone can’t read the letter ‘i’,” wrote Mike Murphy, a technology reporter for the news website Quartz, Twitter.

Apple has described a temporary fix for the problem on its web site.

The correction is need to change the keyboard settings in iOS, so that the right character, either upper or lower case “I”, is used.

Apple said that the problem will be fixed in a future software update.

Not all iOS 11.1 users were affected, but there are a lot of comments online from those who say they have experienced the problem.

The end of the Twitter post by @AhBijBijBij

An online discussion forum on Apple’s website includes comments from victims of the bug.

“This is super-annoying,” wrote one.

The BBC has contacted Apple for a comment.