Eon to 10,000 EV charging stations in Europe by 2020

Energy company Eon has announced its plan for the expansion of electric-car charging network of 10,000 points in all of Europe by 2020, significantly more than the 400 ultra-fast chargers announced last week by a consortium of BMW, Daimler, VW group and Ford.

The Eon-charging-point-roll-out the UK covers, but the company could not confirm how many would be installed.

However, he said, the number of charging stations could go beyond 10,000 by 2020, depending on the partnerships. It has already Railways partnerships in Denmark with the e-mobility company Clever roll-out of ultra-fast chargers to important car in Europe. In Germany, Eon is working with a service station for the brand of Tank and grid, an ultra-fast-charging-network, so that EV drivers on the road, about 600 kilometers from Flensburg in the North to Munich in the South.

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The fastest of the charging stations by Eon is ultra-fast, and is equivalent to the Tesla Supercharger levels. This offer 150kW, with a modular upgrade option to 350 kW, with space for more powerful batteries, which will be gradually introduced in the Evt. The ultra-quick stations allow the charging of a 250-mile range battery in 20-30 minutes, the company claims.

Eon, which is currently about 6000 charging stations in Europe, one of many companies announcing growth plans for electric vehicle infrastructure, with many in the automotive industry prediction of an imminent “tipping point” for E-vehicles: the time in which you finally become mainstream.

Only in the last month, announced the oil company Shell, a quick-charging service for electric vehicles to a three-tank in the UK, and said it would expand their service in the UK, the Netherlands and the Philippines.

Meanwhile, last week, a consortium of German car giant Ford announced, Ionity, an EV fast-charging network of 400 points by 2020, with Germany, Austria and Norway in the centre.

Morgan Stanley estimates that a million could be three million public charging stations will be required in Western Europe, by 2030, growing demand to meet. According to current estimates, up to 120,000 charging points in Europe.

To promote their new service, Eon has a video of the world’s only fully electric-monster-truck, a car 200 mph EV superbike, and the Raesr Tachyon Speed electric motor 240mph super sport race published by the desert. It was the first run for the Tachyon speed, the more than 1250bhp, 3650lb ft of torque, and a claimed performance figures of 0-120 mph in under 7sec.

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