Trump has extended for one year sanctions against Iran

WASHINGTON, November 6 — RIA Novosti. The US President Donald trump made the decision for a year to renew the regime of unilateral us sanctions against Iran, introduced in 1979, the report says the White house.

The commentary notes that relations between the US and Iran “not normal”, and in this regard, the American leader has decided “to extend the state of emergency declared by Executive order 12170 in relation to Iran.”

On 4 November 1979 by radical Islamist students, who called themselves “disciples of Khomeini” (the leader of the Islamic revolution), under the pretext that diplomatic mission is a “nest of espionage and conspiracy against Iran,” stormed the U.S. Embassy, disarmed the guards and captured according to various estimates, from 66 to 90 people.

The hostage crisis led to the rupture of diplomatic relations between the US and Iran, which have not been restored to this day.