The NHS offers smartphone-GP appointments

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A 24-hour service was launched for NHS patients, and offers GP consultations via video link on smartphones.

The pilot project will initially be 3.5 million patients in Fulham, comprises, in west London.

The patient will be able to examine your symptoms, the through the mobile app and then you have video-consultations, within two hours of booking.

The Royal College of GPs has warned, the service can help patients with complex needs.

The new free service was launched by a group of London GPs and the online healthcare providers in Babylon.

Patients candidate to leave their existing practice with their records transferred to a group of five Central London-operations.Virtual Consulting

Dr. Mobasher butt, who is part of the team behind the GP-in-Hand service, told BBC Radio’s Today programme: “It is high time that NHS patients have had the opportunity to use technology to improve access to health care.

“We have benefited this type of technology in so many different aspects of our life, whether it is shopping or banking, and it is really time that we were able to do that in health care for NHS patients.”

Jane Barnacle, Director for patients and information at NHS England London, said physician practices were carefully testing new, innovative technologies, the improvement of free NHS services for their patients, to free while, until the staff time.

But the Royal College of GPs, the new service can only work for younger, healthier commuters-and not for those with complex health conditions. Subject

Prof Helen Stokes-Lampard, said the chair of the RCPG: “We are really concerned that regulations such as these create a twin-track approach to the NHS are with General practice and the patients ‘hand-picked’, this could in fact, based increase the pressure on the traditional GPs in the community.

“We understand that with increasingly long waiting times to see a GP, an online service is comfortable and appealing, but also older patients and people with more complex needs to the continuity of care and the safety of their local practice, where your GPs-white.

“We are noticing that there is an extensive list of patient conditions such as frailty, pregnancy and mental health conditions, which is the essence of General practice and the GPs deal with every day, but are not authorized for this service.

“We are also concerned that the patients get the chance to go back to your local surgery if you are not satisfied with the service provided by the app.

“As well as issues related to patient confidentiality and security of patient data, it is difficult to see how this could be achieved, without the big load of bureaucracy, and GPs, are already in the confrontation with the.

“While this scheme is backed by the NHS and provides a free service for the patients, it is undoubtedly attract GPs away from the front-line General practice at a time when we face a serious workforce crisis and hardworking GPs are struggling to cope with the immense workload.”