Koenigsegg breaks production record of speed for cars

Koenigsegg has broken the speed record for a production car after recording a two-way average speed of 277.9 mph in the Agera RS.

The execution took place in Pahrump, Nevada, and breaks the previous record holder, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, which recorded a speed of nearly 268mph in 2010.

Factory driver Niklas Lilja at the wheel for the race.

Neither the Koenigsegg nor Lilja are new to a record. Also, the guide, the Agera R, they recently broke the 0-400kph-0 set of records, only a few weeks before the Bugatti’s, Chiron.

Bugatti’s previous record of 41.96 sec 5.52 sec slower than the Koenigsegg, even if the Bugatti still has a full top-speed run in Chiron. Koenigsegg has yet to prove fully the speed of the tip of its range-topping hypercar, the Regera.

Although not yet officially confirmed, the Koenigsegg run has been recorded and verified by Racelogic.

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