Backpedaled: Statkevicus tried to take back my words about Lithuania

VILNIUS, Nov 2 — RIA Novosti. After an interview with a resonant Sputnik Lithuania famous Lithuanian fashion designer and designer Juozas Statkevicius said that I didn’t know what media he talks, and his words taken out of context.

He told about it on air of one of local TV channels.

Interview with Statkevicus was published on 23 October and caused a wide resonance in Lithuanian society and media.

In a conversation with Sputnik fashion designer spoke about his attitude to what is happening in Lithuania and very sharply responded about some problems that are not solved in the Republic so far. In addition, the designer declared his love for Russia.

After the publication of the material on Statkevicus was bombarded with criticism, the designer began to blame the fact that he agreed to give an interview to “mouthpiece of the Kremlin”.

As it turned out, Statkevicus able to stand the pressure of the pressure from society and the media for long. October 30 is on one of the television channels broadcast the program, which reported that the designer gave an interview to Sputnik alleged “more than a month ago.”

“I can apologize that I didn’t know with whom to talk, and not very deep, talking to someone. Of course, I was able <…> to put up, but I just have not heard who (called Sputnik), then another in Russian. Asked, do I speak in Russian. Of course, I speak excellent Russian,” — said the designer.

“I think, perhaps, these words were “reinforced”, that’s for sure, taken out of context, and now is a kipezh, and I <…> I apologize sincerely, because I really didn’t know who I’m talking to,” he tried to justify himself, Statkevicus.

In this regard, Sputnik Lithuania has published a full version of an audio recording of the interview. It is heard that the Sputnik correspondent reports what the media represents. Also clear from the record what questions he asks and what answers one gets.

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