Yarmolenko against Bayern, Mourinho vs Chelsea: Five key intrigues of the football weekend

Will replace coach team Andriy Yarmolenko, is the “Barcelona” football amid a difficult political situation, will strengthen its leadership in the English Premier League Manchester city.

Understand what current intrigue-filled football weekend.

The intrigue of the first: the fate of the Conte and Bosch

It is very likely that the upcoming matches of Chelsea and Borussia Dortmund will finally determine the fate of coaches – the Italian Antonio Conte and Dutchman Peter Bosch , respectively.

Matches both teams had a difficult and principled. So, a team of Bosch and Ukrainian Andriy Yarmolenko will play at home against Munich “Bavaria” and “Chelsea” will compete on the home field “Manchester United”.

Considering the unsatisfactory results and Chelsea, and Borussia in past fights – in the case of negative results this weekend there is a high probability that the team will say goodbye to their mentors.

Moreover, the rumors about the resignation of Conte and Bosch WebKit. As a possible mate Conte at the helm of Chelsea mention the ex-coach of Borussia Dortmund, Thomas Tuchel.

At Borussia any certainty no, except that the increasing criticism of the head coach from the fans.

Intrigue second: Mourinho against Chelsea

There was a time when the Portuguese coach Jose Mourinholeading Chelsea, I declared that never will lead the “Manchester United”.

In the end, Manchester United, he decided to lead, making it after two attempts of the management “Chelsea”. Now he has the opportunity once again to try to prove to the President of the London club Roman Abramovich the fallacy of his dismissal.

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More intrigue makes what in this game, Mourinho may actually dismiss the current coach of Chelsea, Antonio Conte.

Intrigue third: Barcelona in a political crisis

As you know, football club Barcelona is an important part of life of modern Catalonia. The camp Nou often became a place of political expression, many players of “Barcelona” also most of these views never hesitated.

For example, defender Gerard Pique has always actively stated its position, and also took part in the recent referendum on the independence of Catalonia.

Now, amid the ongoing political crisis, caused by still declared the independence of Catalonia, it is important to understand how this situation will affect the football.

The closest match of Barcelona against Sevilla should help in this understanding.

Fourth intrigue: Who will stop Manchester city?

The last time Manchester city lost points on 21 August 2017. After that, Guardiola’s side have already played 14 matches, won all with a total number of scored and missed 47-9.

This time to stop the “citizens” will try to “Arsenal” Arsene Wenger.

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Whether it will turn out – will be available on Sunday. The game will start at 16:15.

Intrigue fifth Win finally “Dynamo”?

Dynamo Kiev can not win in the championship five matches in a row. On Sunday the people of Kiev to take home, at the NSC “Olympic”, Poltava “Vorskla”, and fans are hoping that the unpleasant series finally ends.

Opponent today is not simple, “Vorskla” – one of the contenders for at least the third place in the Ukrainian Premier League, however, the retreat has essentially nowhere to go – the gap to 7 points from the leader “Shakhtar” hints at the need to win.

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112.ua will hold an online broadcast of top matches “Chelsea” – “Manchester United” and “Manchester city” – “Arsenal”.

In addition, we recommend you to view the Central match of round of the championship of Germany “Borussia” Dortmund – Bayern Munich, match of the championship of Spain “Barcelona” – “Seville”as well as the confrontation of two interesting and original coaches Horvath of Slaven Bilic and the German Jurgen Klopp in the match of the Premier League “vest hem” – “Liverpool”.

In the Ukrainian championship will be two very interesting match: “Dynamo” – “the Vorskla” and the game in Mariupol between the local FC and FC Shakhtar Donetsk.

In General, we expect rich football weekend.