Official trailer of the film of the Ukrainian “Cyborgs”

Published the official trailer of the feature film “Cyborg” based on a true story defense of the Donetsk airport. This was announced by the film’s Director Ahtem Seitablaev on his page in Facebook.

“With the team we present to you the official trailer of our movie “Cyborg”… Amina Okueva, I dedicate this premiere to you personally… Eternal memory..Heroes don’t die..Glory to Ukraine”, – wrote the Director.

As stated in the description to the trailer, “Cyborg” is a story of people who regardless of education, profession, and came to defend Ukraine. It is not only military history but the story of the senses. This film is about, that we are fighting for our children, what they think and breathe. The film has everything – and internal conflicts, love, friendship, and power of the spirit.

The author of the scenario Natalia Vorozhbit, producer: Ivanna dyadyura. Consultants for writing the script was made by the soldiers defending the Donetsk airport.

The film starred Vyacheslav Dovzhenko, Makar Tikhomirov, Andrey Isaenko, Roman Jasinski, Victor Zhdanov, Alexander Piskunov, Constantine Lanyard, Roman Semisal and others.

The premiere is scheduled for December 7, 2017.

As previously reported, the film “the Cyborg” received partial funding from the state.