In the Kiev region, two sappers destroyed by bombs during the war

KIEV, Nov 4 — RIA Novosti. The bomb destroyed two bombs of world war II in the waters of the Kiev reservoir the Kiev region, said on Saturday the state service of Ukraine for emergency situations on its website.

In late October, the state service for emergency situations reported that two aerial bombs of times of the great Patriotic war discovered under water in the Kiev reservoir, rescue workers and policemen guard the location of their discovery and they are going to disarm.

According to authorities, two German aerial bombs weighing 250 kilograms, was found by fishermen in the water at the place flooded in the village 1.6 kilometers from the shore.

“November 4, specialists group of the underwater mine of the first of the special rapid reaction center and humanitarian demining of the state service of Ukraine on emergency situations held the destruction of the two bombs caliber 250 pounds each during the Second world war that was discovered in the waters of the Kiev reservoir,” — said in the message.

The bombs were defused at the site of detection.
Bomb destroying two bombs of world war II in the waters of the Kiev reservoir. 4 Nov 2017