“I woke up with Kevin Spacey lying on me’

One man said that he was shocked after waking up to find the Hollywood star, Kevin Spacey, lying on him when he was a teenager in the 1980’s.

The man told Victoria Derbyshire Spacey invited him to spend the weekend in New York, but it became clear that it was interested in “a way that has not been”.

Said Spacey asked to share his bed, but he slept on the couch and I woke up with the actor’s arms around him.

The BBC has contacted Spacey for a comment.

John, not his real name, he added, do not believe anything sexual took place, but said: “I felt uncomfortable in the best of the traumas of the worst.”

The last statement follows Spacey’s apology after US, actor Anthony Rapp accused him of making a sexual advance toward him when he was 14 years old.

Rapp said, as the Spacey, laid down on him in a bedroom during a party at the old apartment in 1986.

The Double-Oscar winner said he was “beyond appalled” to hear the story and I do not remember the meeting.’Hand on thigh’

Speaking to the program, said John met for the first time the actor of Broadway in 1984 at the summer theatre, when he was 16.

The couple’s exchange of letters, and a year later, Spacey, invited him to spend a week-end at his home in New York City.

John said as a “charming and friendly” Spacey showed him around the city, took him out for dinner and introduced him to famous friends in the weekend together.

The first evening, Spacey talked a lot about his work and has become affectionate “in a way I certainly wasn’t interested in,” he said.

He put his hand on John’s thigh, an arm around his shoulder and rubbed his arm.”Icy night”

Before going to bed, said John Spacey asked to share his bed, but John insisted to sleep on the couch.

“It was a frosty “good night” with the lights turned off. I thought I was going to be kicked out in the morning,” he said.

“We went to sleep, he was crying from his bed,” said John.

He said that he felt it was attention seeking behavior, in an attempt to get him to respond.

The following morning, John said he woke up with a Spacey head on his stomach and arms wrapped around him.

“He was in his underwear, I was fully dressed. I thought that was something of a New York theatre actor, ‘good morning’,” he said.’Stupid or predators’

After a second day enjoying New York, John once said on tv, Spacey has become affectionate again and told him that she felt “misunderstood”.

“I burst into tears because I couldn’t articulate what was happening to me. I was afraid,” said John.

“To his credit, he backed off and we went to sleep.”

John said to tell his story now after reading about Rapp similar experience and wants young people to know, you should be vigilant and talk.

“It seems to have been grooming me,” said John.

“For me, I never let on that that is what I wanted. I never spoke to, nor do I want to do.

“I felt uncomfortable in the best of the trauma in the worst cases.

“He was very stupid or predators – or perhaps a bit of both.”

John points out that none of them drank alcohol that weekend.

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He said he didn’t tell his parents or the authorities, at the time, because he thought Spacey behavior may have been “allowed” and worried he might have “given him a vibe that he was interested in Spacey.

The BBC is seeking an answer from Spacey.

In the light of the Rapp to the allegations, Netflix has suspended the production of the political drama, House of Cards, in which Spacey stars.

In the meantime, the Old Vic, a theater in London where Spacey has worked for 11 years, has established a confidential complaints to the people involved with the theatre.