Egyptian TV presenter was sentenced to three years for the call to give birth out of wedlock

CAIRO, Nov 4 — RIA Novosti. Egyptian TV host Dua Salah sentenced to three years in prison and a fine of ten thousand Egyptian pounds (568 dollars) because of the appeal to compatriots to bear children out of wedlock if they do not wish to marry, according to the Arabic edition of Layalina.

In one of the esters of the transfer “Together with Doody” on the Egyptian TV channel “al-Nahar” Salah raised the issue of single mothers. According to her, in Egypt, a single mother can become only if the divorced spouse or widowed. The TV presenter was proposed to discuss whether a woman in Egyptian society to raise a child out of wedlock on their own. For example, agree on a temporary marriage, the purpose of which will be solely the birth of a child. The primary coming on the show in clothes for pregnant women and with a distinctive patch stomach.

The transfer has received considerable attention. Dissatisfied with the words of a leading Egyptian lawyer filed a lawsuit against her. The court of first instance considered statements women are immoral and damaging to the institution of the family. After paying the Deposit, the presenter can remain free to challenge the verdict in higher court.

It is noteworthy that last summer, on the screens of the Egyptian cinema was a film called “Buy a man” where the main character is a successful young woman, desperate to find a life partner, so she is going to marry solely in order to give birth to a child and do not mind to pay for the services of a temporary wife.

Although small even for Egyptian standards a budget, this picture has become one of the most popular this year.