The Federal government of the United States: the climate is changing due to human fault

This conclusion is contrary to the position of President trump and many members of his administration

The US Federal government published a report on global climate change, stating that “there are alternative explanations for” global warming, in addition to the results of human actions.

The report, called “national climate assessment” (The National Climate Assessment), which the Federal government is obliged by law to publish every four years, says that climate change is almost entirely caused by human action.

The report warns that by 2100, global sea level could rise by 2.4 meters. The authors also point out that the US has to face different challenges related to climate change – in particular, the increase in the number of forest fires and devastating floods – and these changes are unprecedented.

The findings of the report contradict the position of the current US administration, including President Donald trump, Secretary of energy, Rick Perry and lava of the Federal Agency of environmental protection Scott Pruitt.

The representative of the press service of the White house responded to the publication of the report, noting that “the climate is changing and has always changed”.