Setter of the USA told about the harassment

Members of Congress said that faced with indecent behavior of colleagues

Several icons of the US Congress told the Associated Press that they were subjected to sexual harassment from male colleagues. These incidents, according to them, occurred years or even decades ago. However, they did not mention the names of those who committed these actions.

Congresswoman Linda Sanchez spoke about the lewd suggestions and touching. She added that in Congress there is no instance in which it is possible to complain of this kind of action, because formally the employers of the legislators are to their constituents.

Another member of the house of representatives Mary Bono, the Congressman-the man told her that represents her in the shower. Bono said that the besieged man, and he no longer did such reviews. Bono refused to name the name of this Congressman, but said he continues to work in Congress.

Former member of the house of representatives Hinda Solis said that another Congressman was doing her regular indecent proposal.