Manafort and gates left under house arrest

The conditions of detention of the accused prior to the trial will be considered at the meeting on 6 November

Judge Amy Jackson left Paul Manafort and Rick gates under house arrest at least until Monday, 6 November. On Thursday held a meeting, which turned out to be extremely short, Jackson said that he could not make decisions about the conditions of detention of the accused before the trial because the parties did not provide in their applications information sufficient to review the issue.

Lawyers Manafort Kevin Downing and Thomas Single call the judge to cancel the house arrest, since their mentee, as they say, is not dangerous to society. In addition, the events of recent days, they said, made Manafort “one of the most recognizable people on the planet,” and he has “nowhere to hide”.

But prosecutors insist that the house arrest should be replaced with detention because of the seriousness of allegations and previous attempts by the accused to mislead law enforcement. They believe that there is a risk in which Manafort and gates can leave the country, citing the fact that the former head of the electoral headquarters of the tramp was discovered just three American passports with different numbers, while recent trips to Mexico, China and Ecuador, he used the phone and email, registered in false names.

The judge of the district of Columbia also called on the parties to avoid contact with journalists, including when leaving the courthouse. “This is not a PR campaign, and the penal process,” said Jackson.

Amy Jackson led many high-profile cases and, among other things, in 2013 sentenced former Congressman from the Democratic party of Jesse Jackson Jr. to nearly two and a half years imprisonment for embezzlement of funds from the budget of the election campaign.

In addition, Jackson considered the claim of relatives of victims of the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Libya to Hillary Clinton, who at the time held the post of U.S. Secretary of state. In may of this year, judge Jackson rejected this claim, finding no violations in the actions of Clinton, including the use of private servers for correspondence.

It is expected that at the meeting on Monday will be declared the official time of the hearing. According to preliminary information, the trial will start in April 2018.

Manafort and his former business partner, Rick gates, is accused, among other things, the laundering of tens of millions of dollars, conspiracy against the United States and working for a foreign government without registering as agents.

Manafort and gates, who faces a prison sentence of up to 15 years, told the court that not guilty.