“Titushki” or the builders: it was the attempt of raider seizure of the territory of a military facility in Odessa

At the weekend the whole country is shocked with the unprecedented event – the command of the Air forces of Ukraine said about the attempt of raider seizure of the territory of a military facility in Odessa, they say, early Sunday morning, about forty men in balaclavas dismantled the fence of the military unit А3571 and carried out the withdrawal of military property in an unknown direction.

As noted on the same day on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” the head of the press center of command of Air forces of VSU the novel Urchila, the raiders are positioning themselves as the representatives of the shopping Mall City Center.

“About these people is unknown. It was a statement of the military lawyer and law enforcement, who said that no documents this organization is not on any action on the site. While the capture of the object is stopped, there is a clarification of circumstances. This land is the land of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. On this land there are military facilities of the air force, so no doubt we will protect your facility,” he said.

Later, the network appeared the statement of the chief of the southern territorial legal Department of the Ministry of defence of Ukraine Yury Dobrov, to which, apparently, and referred to Hurchillo.

“An unknown group of unidentified persons dismantled concrete barrier and installed a metal (20 acres, shifting the boundary of the military airfield “School” – ed.). This fact was caused by the national police, on a scene there arrived the military service of law and order, the armed forces and the military Prosecutor of the Odessa garrison. On the question of why they change the border of the military camp, they said that they have the appropriate decision of the Odessa city Council, but the decision they provided, and was advised to go to the police with the request — the defense Ministry of Ukraine is studying the question of illegal seizure of the military airport of the technical zone of military town No. 10. After the submission of documents that become the basis for the execution of such misconduct will be filed with the relevant lawsuits in court, and referral to law enforcement due to the fact that there was not only illegal shifting boundaries of the military camp, but also cutting down trees”, – said in a statement Dobrov.

Police capture saw

The police of the Odessa region confirmed the fact of the conflict between the military and the civilian group, however, refuted the statement about raider capture of the military unit near Odessa.

As noted by the TV channel “112 Ukraine” the adviser to the head of national police in the Odessa region Ruslan Forostyak, the place came to ordinary builders and began work near the base, not on it. “Indeed, the duty of got the message about these actions. Police went to the scene and found that, first, construction work referred to, are adjacent to military unit territory, i.e. abroad. The Builder has all the necessary documents from the local authorities. In addition, surveying camera and after reviewing the materials, we found out that this is not “aunts” or unidentified individuals in balaclavas and ordinary construction workers who built your fence with the help of technology. Conventional building process without violence and “aunts”, – he stressed.

According to Forostyak, land conflict between the military and the builders are not new, it lasts a long time. “The reason is that the lands that are outside the fence of the military unit, interested in both military and different dealers. I know that city Council has allocated part of this land for construction of a hypermarket,” said he, adding that the police no production in fact this event did not open, and the property about the export of which is stated in the unit, it is actually debris.

The developer blames the military

Representatives of the shopping center City Center is in turn blamed the military, saying, that they are not acting within the law. So, according to the General Director of City Center Andrei Hulahula, before a group of armed soldiers and men in civilian clothes tried to prevent the completion of installation of technological fences newly built children’s sports complex, which are carried out in the presence of all necessary permits, reports “Odessa”.

In particular, he noted that two months ago the company started construction of the third stage of the shopping center, which is planned to place children’s sports complex. In this regard the need arose to install a fence construction according to building codes and regulations. The relevant regulatory authorities of local self-government provided all necessary documents for installation of mentioned technological barriers.

Halagur stressed that the plot of land, which is under construction and is being built a fence, belongs to the community of Odessa. At the same time, people who called themselves representatives of the military units are unable to provide any documents confirming their right to possession of the land on which is installed the technological fence.

“We have all permits. We act within the law. The information that the construction work carried out on the territory of military unit, is an absolute fiction. At the end of construction fence will be moved to the previous border. In addition, we at own expense to eliminate the consequences of the installation of temporary fencing”, he said, noting that the command of a military unit was informed about it.

The head of the legal service of the company Irina Kostenko, in turn, showed reporters a package of permits for construction work at the site.

“The boundaries of a military unit is not broken. The fence is made exactly for the distance which is necessary for the construction work. Dvenadtsatimilnuju strip, claimed military unit required for travel of the technological transport and delivery of construction materials to the object,” said Galahar.

According to him, the transfer of the fencing to the borders of construction sites will make it impossible to continue construction, which carried out a number of related organizations on which contracts have been signed.

In addition, it was found that those people in masks that were captured in a previously posted video, “the representatives of the Patriotic public.” According to “Timer”, member of “Defense of Odessa” and activist “wag Luda” Todor panovsky confirmed that the masked men were participants of the ATO, and rebuked the administration hub that is inciting the Volunteers to the war, thereby discrediting the Armed forces of Ukraine.

A conflict lasting two months

According to the adviser of the President of Ukraine and the assistant Secretary of defense Yury Biryukov, land conflict in Odessa between the military and local authorities lasts about two months, and no fault of the military that they are unable to provide the documents to the disputed land.

Moreover, two weeks ago the Ministry of defence did not know that the deputies of the Odessa city Council voted to develop a detailed plan of the territory within the boundaries of the prospect of hundreds of Heaven, streets School airfield, Design and Inglesi, according to which under construction and falls within the territory of the district “School of the airfield” which is in the possession of the office since Soviet times.

So, in signed by the Minister of defence Stepan Poltorak document was available to “Wave”, clearly indicated that no one in the Ministry for the allotment of land is not addressed.

In addition, the defense Ministry has not issued any permits for land development in the territory.

The same response came from the state border service of Ukraine. Moreover, the Ministry noted that to date, continues active work on registration of documents of title to the land.

It is noteworthy that local authorities do not comment on the incident.

The word for the Military Prosecutor’s office

In the meantime, the incident involved the Military Prosecutor of the southern region. “From the message of the military police, it became known that on October 29 at the military camp No. 10 in Odessa, which is a military unit А3571 (active military airfield “School”), private entrepreneurs with the involvement of contractors have installed a temporary fence within the territory of the military town. On the scene left the investigative group of the military Prosecutor of the Odessa garrison and the leadership of the military Prosecutor of the southern region of Ukraine. On the territory of the military town were employees of the national police in the Odessa region, which were caused by private entrepreneurs with the purpose of keeping order and preventing the Commission of offences during the work under existing permits,” – said in a statement.

According to the results of the performed check-out and carried-out investigative actions the Prosecutor’s office opened criminal proceedings on preliminary legal qualification of part 2 of article 418 of the criminal code of Ukraine (violation of statutory guard duty regulations committed in the context of the special period) and the start of the pretrial investigation.

The Ministry promised that in the framework of this production will be given a legal assessment of the actions of the servicemen of the military unit from the military guards and commanders and the actions of the private entrepreneurs who have installed a temporary metal fence within the territory of the military town No. 10.