Time will tell: the inhabitants of Barcelona are waiting to see how will decide the fate Pokdemon

BARCELONA, 30 Jul — RIA Novosti, Victoria Ivanova. The inhabitants of Barcelona to discuss the future of Catalonia will be affected by the disappearance of the retired head of Generalitat (government) Carles Pokdemon: some believe that his career ended, while others are waiting for new steps toward independence.

The Catalan Parliament on 27 October adopted a resolution on the independence of the region. An hour later, the Spanish Senate approved the application of the 155th article of the Constitution, which allows you to enter the direct control of the Spanish authorities in Catalonia.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced the suspension from office of the members of Generalitat, including the head of the Carles Pokdemon, the dissolution of the Parliament of the Autonomous community and the holding of early elections in Catalonia on December 21.

Pujdeme October 28, said that does not recognize the decision of the Spanish authorities. Accurate information about the whereabouts of the politician, to the present time.The confrontation between Madrid and Barcelona
The destiny of man

“The story of Pusdienam ended. All finish Pujdeme. Don’t know whether to arrest him, but the fact that control of the region, it will not, in my opinion for sure. And no independence will not, I promise”, — the inhabitant of Barcelona named Pablo.

Journalists who arrived on the coverage of the situation in Catalonia also can not assume that there will be Pusdienam. “The situation fades, protests, no, with the decision on the dissolution of Parliament the Parliament agreed. One of the few that can now once again liven up the story — the arrest Pokdemon. But to talk about what will happen if he is too early — we don’t even know where it is” — shared his opinion of a colleague.

A possible answer to the question from Friday held many where the disappeared politician, appeared after some time. According to Spanish media, the former head of Generalitat may be in Brussels.

Supporters of independence of Catalonia, sauntering among journalists at the government building with the unofficial flag of an independent Catalan Republic — estelami, consider leaving Pokdemon a good sign.

“We just read in the newspaper. If he stayed here, it would be difficult — it could become a political prisoner. Good thing he went to Europe — this dialogue we need. And independence is also needed,” says one of the women.

She calls the actions of Madrid “unacceptable”.

“What does the government of Spain is a simply mind-boggling. We have five years to seek opportunities to resolve our situation with them, and they were silent until last Friday. This is getting to be a dictatorship of Madrid” — angry katalanca.
To try later

“We have a lot of people live here who do not consider themselves Catalans. I, for instance, is not considered. My parents came here from Andalusia and Galicia, so how can I be Catalan? And my children and grandchildren — Yes, born and raised here with these values and the language. They have exactly the Catalans”, — told RIA Novosti an elderly Spaniard Eduardo.

He believes that the question of the independence of autonomy, the attempts to solve which have been undertaken for many years, will not be resolved in the foreseeable future.

“This is an issue for a long time, you need twenty years more. During this period, will change the public mind — just because the people who moved to Catalonia decades ago, but not the Catalans will die. Then it will be possible again to talk about independence, can agree,” — said the man.

According to him, “Madrid about Catalonia does not care, on the contrary, continually restricts and poddevat”. “It’s a delicate situation, tense, and decide we have negotiations”, — concluded the Agency interlocutor.

His opinion was shared and the girl-the seller of shop of Spanish products. “History is not over and to expect it is not worth it. Now a lot depends on the outcome of the election in December, who will choose, there will calm. But the question of our future is still open and, unfortunately, does not depend on the desires of ordinary people,” she says.

Perhaps some answers will appear in the near future — on Monday evening should be a performance Pokdemon. The other is expected in December, when early elections will be held in the Parliament of Catalonia. One thing is clear: end — win or lose — the fight for independence that lasted for years and decades, this time failed.