The participants of the world Russian Cathedral called for legislative protection of the rights of the child in the prenatal stage of development

Moscow. 2 Nov. INTERFAX – Participants in scientific discussions held in the framework of the XXI world Russian people’s Council, noted that there are significant gaps in the Russian legislation concerning the protection of the rights of the child in the prenatal stage of development.

“Vital for the future of Russia is the development of the rights of the child in utero as a patient”, – said the chief researcher of the laboratory of social Pediatrics FGAU “national medical research center of children health” of the Ministry of health Valery Albitsky.

This aspect focuses the draft Federal law on children’s health, the urgent need which the state has repeatedly stated the pediatric community.

A serious concern of scientists caused the problems outlined in the report Oleksandra Pokinoi about the production of “designer embryos” – “genetically cut out children.”

Other participants, among which were leading Russian scientists in the field of jurisprudence, developmental biology, genetics, biomedical ethics, noted the lack of a coherent and acceptable from a medical and legal point of view, the definitions and wording regarding the beginning of human life and later stages of its development.

The participants of the discussion noted that international law has made significant progress in this area, the Russian legal field is far behind the legislation of leading foreign countries.

Summing up the scientific discussion, the participants called on public authorities and public institutions to take urgent measures for the improvement of Russian legislation in the sphere of protection of children in the prenatal stage of development.