“Listen and hear”: in Kiev, there were “police dialogue”

In the capital earned by the police of the dialogue of “listen and hear”, the press service of the National police in Kiev.

The newly created Department of preventive communication is designed primarily to establish cooperation with the organizers of mass events.

“The police are trying to prevent any conflict situation, explain the actions of the police and stop the aggressive citizens, not by force, but the word,” the message reads.

The division includes 12 employees. All of them were trained at appropriate training seminars with the assistance of the Advisory mission of the EU.

Anticonflict capital group for the first time were involved to ensure law and order during the independence Day of Ukraine.

“We are constantly monitoring and analyzing the Internet network on the planned activities with the participation of the citizens, assess the degree of risk in their implementation, the mood of the participants and projected changes in the situation. Therefore, the employees primarily work for the prevention of collisions and conflicts. For the necessary interaction of our staff in advance to make contact with the organizers and participants of mass events”, – said the head of the Department of preventive communication of national police in Kiev Victoria Azarov.

According to her, the unofficial motto of the unit are “listen and hear”.

Near the Verkhovna Rada injured an officer

Earlier it was reported that the police will strengthen the protection of the Verkhovna Rada.