Aussie arrested on terror charges

The 18-year-old, identified only by his initials, is intended to be in detention in Lebanon following his arrest by the Internal Security Forces.

Arrived in the country in the month of August, where he was under surveillance.

It is not clear when he was arrested, but the Internal Security Forces announced the detention Thursday.

The kataeb news site said that the man had been arrested on the suspicion of being a member of the Islamic State, and then you attempt to travel from Australia to Syria through Lebanon, to participate.

The kataeb quoted an Internal Security Forces statement said that the man had admitted to embrace that extremism, and that he had been in contact with extremists online since its arrival in Lebanon over two months ago.

The kataeb news site said the man was attempting to travel from Australia to Syria through Lebanon, to participate.

He is also known to provide the authorities with information about other Australians who have supported and funded the Islamic State. If true, this could provide an intelligence bonanza Australian security agencies who are working to disrupt It networks.

Australia ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has confirmed that it was helping the man. You think that the care may include visits from consular officials of, assistance to and liaison with the local authorities.

“The ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is providing consular assistance, in accordance with the Consular Services Charter, an Australian man detained in Lebanon’, the department said in a statement to News Corp.

“Because of the obligations of confidentiality we cannot provide further comment.”

The Australian Federal Police declined to comment on the News Corp.

Lebanon has worked with a number of western countries to crack down on foreign fighters using the country as a transit zone for Syria, or as a base to launch terrorist attacks.

In the month of August, Lebanese police intelligence foiled a plot to blow up a passenger plane in Australia, presumably designed by four Lebanese-Australian brothers using bombs hidden inside a Barbie doll and a meat grinder.

At the time, the country, interior minister Nouhad Machnouk revealed that two brothers, Khaled and Mahmoud Khayyat, were held in Australia, while another, Amer, was held in Lebanon.

The fourth brother, Tarek, was a senior Islamic State member based at that time in the Syrian city of Raqqa, which has been liberated from Islamic State control.

There is no information to suggest the latest arrest is linked to the bomb plot.

The man, known only by his initials, was arrested after the alleged attempt to join Islamic State in Syria.

The kataeb news site has been reported the Lebanese Internal Security Forces arrested the man for “embrace the extremism.’ He would have entered Lebanon in the month of August.

He is reported to have told the authorities the names of the other Has supporters and sponsors in Australia.