Football: Many thought that Shakhtar will not work even in the Europa League, Fonseca

Head coach of “Shakhtar” Paulo Fonseca commented on the victory over Feyenoord in the Champions League. About it reports “Football 2”.

“I think this is a great result. Two victories over the champion of the Netherlands will be remembered for a long time. Our team has always been very calm and confident, even when we scored a goal, and I have always believed in the team and thought about the three points. The key moment was when we equalised. We reacted to the goal conceded, as equalized and then scored the second goal. We dominated the game and understood the game. Clearly, then Feyenoord more open, but it gave us the opportunity to create scoring chances. I always felt that the team is very safe in defence and concentrated, and it gave us some comfort.

I think Ordets and Khocholava a great show. They had a good game, always in position and controlled the situation so positively himself had today. Mathematically we are lacking one point. We have two more matches, and we understand that they will be difficult. But after the draw I saw a lot of frightened people who thought that we can’t even go out in the Europa League. At the moment the Europa League already guaranteed for two rounds before the end, and three victories in four matches of the Champions League is a memorable result,” said Fonseca.

Recall “Shakhtar” beat the Dutch with the score 3:1.