The court recognized the “Spartak” stadium in Kiev is the property of the state

Kyiv economic court has recognized the state’s right of ownership of the educational-sports base “Spartak” St. Cyril (ex Frunze), 105. About it reports a press-service of the Kiev Prosecutor’s office, which filed the lawsuit.

The value of the object is more than 300 million UAH.

The prosecutors said that the base “Spartak” with a total area of almost 7 thousand square meters, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, was assigned to the Federation of trade unions. In the future, based on the decision of the district court. Kiev disputed property became the property of Federation of trade unions of Ukraine.

As it turned out, the exclusion of “Spartak” of government property has occurred without the consent of the state property Fund, and then is in possession of the Federation of trade unions illegal.

In this regard, the Kyiv Prosecutor’s office filed a lawsuit on the recognition of the right of state ownership of the sports complex. The last decision of economic court of Kiev from October 25, 2017 Prosecutor claims have been recognized and satisfied in full.