Border policeman and consequence: SBS hopes to empower

Peter Chekal said that the state border service is working to expand its powers. On this day, October 31, said the Chairman of the State border service during the Board meeting, reports the press service of the interior Ministry.

“We should focus on our work to extend the powers of the service. Together with the security service of Ukraine is formed the vertical intelligence units of the departments. According to the law, our internal security have such powers,” said Peter Cigital.

The head of the uasbgs noted that to date, the possibility of providing the service function of a pretrial investigation.

Peter Cigital recalled that at the borders of our state should earn the Institute of border precinct.

“The problem precinct boundary – work in village councils and with the local population, to carry out preventive work on prevention of smuggling and other crimes at the border”, – said the Chairman of SBS.

The head of state frontier service noted that work is currently under way to increase the density of the border.

“Now we have one border unit on 80-100 kilometers of the border. However, international experience suggests that to ensure reliable protection of the borders of the state, it is necessary to have such units every 20 miles. On the border should appear modular towns between which will be erected observation tower,” said Peter Cigital.