Mattis: “Our aim is not war”

Minister of defense visited the demilitarized zone, and the United States sent three aircraft carrier in the Pacific

WASHINGTON – U.S. Secretary of defense James Mattis visited on Friday the demilitarized zone on the border between North and South Korea, assuring that the US goal is to maintain peace on the Korean Peninsula.

“Our aim is not war, said Mattis reporters during the visit. – Our goal is the complete, irreversible and verifiable denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula”.

She assured that the US will continue to take measures to protect allies in the region.

Meanwhile, the United States, apparently, decided to demonstrate its military power in the Pacific, sent three aircraft carrier to participate in possible exercises.

The Pentagon on Thursday played down the significance of the ships of the “Nimitz”, “Ronald Reagan” and “Theodore Roosevelt”, stressing that it was scheduled “for quite some time”.

“It’s just the opportunity to practice these three strike groups together, – said the Director of the joint chiefs of staff Lieutenant-General Kenneth Mackenzie. – We always strive to do it when possible, but it is not so common”.

According to authorities, the placement of ships in the region is not a response to recent provocations from the DPRK, however, can support allies in the region.

“It demonstrates the unique and powerful potential, which has a significant calming effect on our allies,” said Mackenzie.

Strike group of each carrier can include up to 10 up to 7 ships and 500 sailors, and on Board can be placed dozens of fighters and other aircraft.

Three aircraft carrier are still thousands of miles away from each other. The Pentagon did not specify when it plans to start teaching.

North Korea has repeatedly threatened to test its missiles and nuclear warheads.

Last month, Pyongyang said that it may hold “the most powerful explosion” of the hydrogen bomb over the Pacific ocean.

“North Korea frequently makes threats, and we are ready for anything that can happen, said Thursday the official representative of the Pentagon Dana white. – As far as I know, we haven’t changed neither our status nor our position.”

The last time three American aircraft carrier was located in the Pacific ocean in 2007.