Spectacular Mueller convinced the jury

The Grand jury in Washington, D.C., on Friday approved the first charges in the investigation of the intervention of Russia in election campaign 2016.

According to CNN, reporting the jury’s decision, citing its own sources, the text of the indictment by the decision of the Federal judge has not been disclosed. The first arrests of the investigation team, led by special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, may be held as early as next Monday.

In the office of spectracolor refused to comment on this information.

Robert Mueller headed the investigation about the Russian intervention, the possible links of the electoral headquarters of Donald trump and the use of the President of the United States official position in may of this year. According to the rules, spectracolor not obliged to report on the progress of the investigation, but should report to the Deputy attorney General, USA the Genus Rosenstone of any charges that would be referred to a Grand jury.

On Friday afternoon, us media reported that investigators from the group, Robert Mueller went to the Federal courthouse in Washington, in the conference room, where members of the Grand jury listen to the testimony of witnesses.

As previously reported, in recent months the investigation team has checked information on the financial and business contacts of the nearest environment of the President of trump with Moscow. As part of the investigation was questioned, the members of the electoral headquarters of the White house, former and current employees of the U.S. administration, including former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

The questions the investigators had to answer the ex-head of the administration of the Rins Pribus and press Secretary to the resignation of Sean Spicer. In the house of the former head of election campaign of the Republican candidate, Paul Manafort been searched and seized financial documents.

In early September, lawyers for Donald trump announced that the President of the United States is also willing to testify to the special Prosecutor.

Last year, FBI investigators received permission from a special FISA court, acting under the Act on surveillance of foreign intelligence, listening to the talks of Manafort and adviser to the election campaign of Carter page.

Data collected during monitoring, were handed over to the investigation team, Robert Mueller.