Facebook to reveal more about the ad policy


Facebook has announced measures to make political advertising on the social media platform more transparent.

Politicians, advertisers will have to verify your identity and location, and your posts bring a revelation saying: “paid for by”.

The steps come amid allegations that Russian-backed groups social media ads to interfere in the elections in the united states.

The executives of Facebook and other internet giants are going to testify before a Senate hearing on Tuesday.

“When it comes to advertising on Facebook, people should be able to say that the advertiser and see the ads they’re running, especially for political ads,” Rob Goldman, Facebook vice president of ads, said in a blog post.

By clicking on the “paid for by” disclosure of information, users would be able to see more details about the advertiser, he added.
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Facebook said it was expanding the transparency measures to all the ads, and that would all have to be linked to a page. Users will also be able to see the ads on any page of the execution, he added.

The evidence for the new tools that are going to start in Canada, with the goal of having them in place in the US before the mid-term elections in November 2018.

Technology giants are willing to demonstrate that they can self-regulate after it was found that Russian-backed groups were the exploitation of their ad platforms.


On Tuesday, Twitter announced similar measures of transparency, including the labels for the election-related announcements and more details about who funded them.

It also prohibited the publication of two of the largest Russian media – Russia today (RT), and the Sputnik – from the purchase of advertising in the midst of fear that tried to interfere in the 2016 united states presidential election.

Russia has repeatedly denied claims that he interfered in the election, but the accusations of having initiated an investigation on possible links between Russia and the u.s. President Donald Trump. He denies there was any plot.