The court of Kiev will consider the case of the afterlife

Solomensky district court will hear the case on the claim about removal of obstacles in communication and upbringing of children. This was reported in the Unified registry of court decisions of 11 September.

Defendants in the case are four individuals. Third persons are of the General Prosecutor’s office, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate, the custody and guardianship of Solomianskyi district state administration in Kyiv, the body of guardianship and guardianship Ichnya district state administration in Chernihiv oblast, Kyiv local Prosecutor’s office No. 9, Service juvenile prevention Solomenskiy police Department GU NP in Kiev, the project of STB psychics lead the Investigation and the project of STB TV channel.

The defendants put forward the following demands:forced to send the defendants to a forensic psychiatric examination;to require the defendants together with their children will turn to psychologists to establish emotional contact in the family;to put the defendants in a medical institution;forcibly to deprive the defendants of children and transfer them to the care of the plaintiff.

To the state authorities to the claimant put forward the following requirements: to investigate about the harmful effects of foods with GMOs on the mental activity of a person;to develop a bill to ban the use of GMOs in food and feed it to the Verkhovna Rada;to identify the negative impact of occult rituals of a particular sect and be sure to involve such expert in the investigation in the sphere of religion, black magic, psychic channel STB, namely project psychics lead the Investigation. The plaintiff calls particular psychic needed in the close the portal to the underworld, which was opened by the sect in his apartment and be sure to bring the case to the above mentioned specialists in magic and stuff.

In addition, the plaintiff demands from the STB to produce a program about the negative impact of premarital sex in the lives of children.

In the registry value 24 requirements intangible nature. The plaintiff paid court fee in the amount of 640 USD. The court ordered him to pay 14 720 hryvnia since found that every requirement must be paid separate court fee.

Court hearing scheduled for February 28, 2018 at 9:30.

Recall, 20 October in Volgograd (Russia) pensioner killed the fortune-teller, which he enjoyed for 20 years.