Kiev ahead of Berlin at a scale of tourist attraction media

The Australian edition of Escape published an article about Kiev, which called the Ukrainian capital the place that surely gives odds to Berlin. Published a full translation of the material.

Forget about Berlin. Now there is another capital, claiming the crown of coolness. Now, when Ukraine is one step closer to EU membership, it’s time to explore the architectural richness and the Bohemian life of Kiev with a minimal budget.Street art

On the streets of Kiev is unfolding a new kind of revolution. Street art has won the hearts of the locals by splashing bright color spots of local traditional architecture. Not only Ukrainian, but also world-famous artists transform a clean canvas city huge colorful murals — from the centre to the suburbs.

Art project ArtUnitedUs contributes to the continuous updating of Kiev, whose rich history is filled with invasions and influenced by Orthodox traditions. This initiative is the world’s largest urban art project, which has already created more than 200 muralov on the theme of peace in the world. The city’s parks

Forget about crowded places, follow the rabbit hole to hidden from the eyes of the Park, located in the centre of Kiev, Starokievskaya mountain, and find yourself in Wonderland. Landscape alley is a playful Wonderland for the young at heart with a very beautiful color mosaics, art benches and rebellious statues, created on motives of the world (remember the “Manneken Pis“ in Brussels).

It is interesting not only for adults but also for children, for whom he built the famous Playground in praise of the characters of “Alice in Wonderland“. Locals love this Park for a relaxing atmosphere, talented street musicians, and, of course, for the excellent views of historic Kyiv and the Dnieper.

Luxurious (and cheap) night life

Cool and cool the night life is active not only in Berlin. Kiev — the birthplace of many hidden treasures, including the “Spotykach“, a theme restaurant in the style of Soviet retro, which serves modernized traditional dishes (how about colored dumplings?) combined with a long list of wines and cocktails based on vodka.

And only the sky is the limit for those who spend nights on the roof Barbara Bar, venue, where every hipster salivating at the sight of kitsch décor and cocktails for those who like to live (and drink) outside the box.Cheap food

Save the hryvnia and have a unique local experience, visiting “Puzata hut“ restaurants, fast-food chains. Do not be afraid of the network status of these institutions, each of them has unique interior in a rustic style. Here you will feel yourself in a real Ukrainian village. Fill the tray (and stomach) is popular Ukrainian and Russian classic dishes, from salad to dessert. Penny prices will not allow a long time to fluctuate.Modernized space

Architecture can not change for centuries, but the culture does not stand still. Closer club, located on Podol (the popular area), is not simply one of the best sites in Europe, where they play house and techno. Feel like a part of the underground in this modernized old factory, which hosts live concerts, art exhibitions, lectures, festivals and parties.Paradise island

Kiev and its Trukhanov island proves not necessarily to be a coastal city to have a great place to relax by the water. Walk on Sunday at Park bridge (aka Hiking), soak in the atmosphere of the city and relaxed breathe, ride around the island on bike or engage in water sports.