The US does not recognize the oppression of the Rohingya in Burma “ethnic cleansing”

In recent months, the number of Rohingya who fled to Bangladesh, exceeded half a million

The US authorities refuse to recognize the violence against the Muslim Rohingya people in Myanmar (Burma) ethnic cleansing, although more than half of this minority was forced to flee to neighboring Bangladesh.

Although many senators called the oppression of the Rohingya ethnic cleansing in the course devoted to the conflict hearing on Tuesday, representatives of the state Department and USAID stated that they can not or will not adhere to this designation.

“This is ethnic cleansing, said a prominent Senator Ben Cardin, speaking in the same vein as some of his colleagues and the UN, which recognized the conflict ethnic cleansing in the past month. – According to the definition of the UN, ethnic cleansing is the provision of an ethnically homogeneous population of a certain territory by using force or intimidation to deport representatives of certain population groups from the area”.